Anti Drone


 A Sky-High Problem for All

Airspace security has become an issue for all and should be taken seriously. Today, drones pose 4 main challenges:

*Attack: Drones laden with explosives, chemical/bio weapons, guns…

*Contraband: Drones transporting illegal or dangerous objects or materials

*Collision: High crash risk with aircraft or struck-by hazard for people and property below

*Espionage: Drones carrying a nano-computer (Raspberry Pi) to steal sensitive data, take high quality images or recordings, reconnaissance mission before break-in..... .



Hydra – CerbAir’s Proprietary Radiofrequency (RF) Technology

Hydra is CerbAir’s proprietary RF sensor, it analyzes raw RF signal data emitted by drones and their remote controls, searching for specific patterns in the protocols of communication. It is scalable and upgradable to adapt to the constantly evolving drone technology, meaning you do not lose money on your initial investment.

We chose RF as it provides a solid base for all anti-drone solutions. It remains the most affordable and efficient form of drone detection on the market today in regard to range, rapidity, precision and information. It also allows for secondary technologies, such as radar and EO/IR, to be added for extra protection. It remains the only anti-drone technology that can localize the position of the pilot, snuffing out the threat directly at its source.


4 Flexible Anti-drone Solutions Adapted to your Security Needs:
The first step to protecting your site is to detect the drone before it enters your airspace. CerbAir offers 4 different formats of protection that use Hydra as their core detection technology: - Stationary Solution: A permanent solution installed directly on the premises for 24/7 protection of your airspace. - Mobile Solution: A transportable solution that can be deployed rapidly for temporary protection of sites and events. - Portable Solution: A man-portable solution for on-foot military and law enforcement teams. Neutralization option available if authorizations are in order. - Vehicle Solution: A durable system installed directly onto a vehicle for protection of military and police convoys or VIPs.
Medusa – Instantly Stop Drones in their Tracks
Medusa is an electronic countermeasure* designed to neutralize drones instantly. With this neutralization technology, you can target a specific type of drone through its communication protocols or halt multiple drones at once (drone swarm).

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